Crypto Industry Is Still ‘Embryonic,’ WEF Finance Lead Says

Crypto Industry Is Still 'Embryonic,' WEF Finance Lead Says

I think this year we are still on a level-setting stage. We’re trying to bring to the participants here an agenda that’s both rich, but balanced as it relates to the technical nuances of the crypto space. To those that are steeped in it, it’s a technical space, right? It’s got its own lexicon, it’s changing rapidly. We’re very mindful of putting the pieces in place in a way where it’s accessible. I think that benefits the industry. If I can be quite frank, I think, jargon, and sort of being very focused on the nuances [is inaccessible] – most folks are not technologists, so we have to sort of set the stage there. To answer your question, I see us working toward more granularity, so going deeper into the nuances, drawing distinctions between different pieces of the ecosystem and really taking the membership base, and also our participants here at the annual meeting, along for that journey. And that’s not just in this environment, that’s 365 days a year. We’re doing that tactically, as a team, as an institution.

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