CANDYDEX Token Announces Their Launch on Binance Smart Chain

CANDYDEX Token Launches on Binance Smart Chain

CANDYDEX token announces its launch on Binance Smart Chain with a new airdrop of up to 1 million worth of tokens.

Dear CANDYDEX Community,

After successful completion of CANDYDEX IDO sale round -1. After months of building and planning, today we are extremely delighted to announce our new happy airdrop for CANDYDEX tokens from July 26, 2022.

As we have planned in our roadmap, we are currently going to our 2nd round AirDrop campaign. This is to help grow our CANDYDEX community and reassure our members that the project is going on as planned and can be trusted.


Indeed, this is ONE of the best projects ever and its goals as a unique asset to the DEX platform will lead the CANDYDEX straight to mars, not the moon.

We are launching the CANDYDEX token in the BSC chain, so are glad to conduct the CANDYDEX BSC airdrop for the existing customers and new customers as well.

This is the opportunity to be part of the adventure from the start by becoming a Pioneer. It is also an opportunity to benefit from CANDYDEX tokens for FREE before their launch on the market with the Listing next September on Tier two exchanges like OKEx, Bitfinex, Probit, Indoex.

To participate in our AIRDROP campaign, all you have to do is join and register here, then follow the instructions below.

1st round users will receive 100 tokens which will cost $50 & 2nd round buyers & new participants will get 50 tokens which will cost $25.

Claiming your Airdrop

Open our website airdrop page & connectJoin our telegram channel & group and mention your user name in the formJoin our Twitter and re-tweet any of our tweets and mention your Twitter user name in the formJoin our Instagram and mention your user Instagram name in the formJoin our medium and be our followers.Enter your BSC chain address in the formClick on claim tokens & after a few minutes you will get your CANDYDEX Airdrop tokens.

What is AirDrop and why do we need it?

Airdrop is a free distribution of tokens to everyone (of course, in a limited amount). In our case, they will be aimed at popularizing our token completely. The purpose of our AirDrop is to increase the popularity of tokens, which will help them get listed on large exchanges.

Why is it beneficial for you?

You get free tokens, which you can then sell or exchange for other coins, such as Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and other coins

How many tokens will you receive?

1st round users will receive 100 tokens which will cost $50 & 2nd round buyers & new participants will get 50 tokens which will cost $25

What’s the cost of each CANDYDEX after launching?

After the pre-sale, the cost of 100 CANDYDEX tokens will be $100 – $300

Airdrop duration details

Participation Period: July 26 14:00 UTC — Aug 16 14:00 UTC (20 Days)

We can say, what you see today is just the beginning of what will unfold in the coming months. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck who is participating in the CANDYDEX IDO sale and a BIG thank you for all the support you have given so far.

Here’s where you can find out more about the CANDYDEX token

Official | Telegram Channel | Telegram Official | Twitter Official | Instagram Official | Medium Official | CandyDex Airdrop


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